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What Rooms to Organize First in 2018

Right off the bat, happy New Year from the team at Closets Plus; we certainly hope 2018 is off to a great start for you and your family. First things first, lets talk about what rooms to organize first in 2018.

Happy New Year

Speaking of which, you might be in the process of planning your New Year’s Resolutions.

One of the more popular changes people like to make come January is to improve your home organization.

Whether it’s decluttering, installing a custom walk-in closet solution, or looking to bring storage solutions for your house, getting organized is a smart improvement to make.

To help keep your resolution, here’s how you should tackle home organization, room-by-room.

First area to organize: Your storage spaces

Right off the bat, you’re right: Storage spaces aren’t rooms.

However, they are the first place you should begin decluttering and rearranging:

Messy junk drawer

  • Drawers
  • Shelves
  • Cupboards
  • Storage closets

That’s because as you bring in papers, documents, books, and other small items (shoes, electronics, etc.) into your home or home office, you’ll need to have a place for them.

By organizing those storage spaces in advance, they’ll be neat, tidy, and easily accessible.

Now, if organizing your storage areas first sounds a bit strange, look at this way:

  • Whenever you buy groceries, you need to create space in the pantry or refrigerator before putting them away. Trying to jam them in won’t work.

The same idea applies to junk drawers, cubbies, etc. The stuff that’s already inside must be organized and/or purged before new stuff can join them.

Second room to organize: Kitchen. Living Room. Mud Room. Laundry Room.

Right off the bat, you’re right: It doesn’t make sense to organize multiple rooms at once.

That said, take a look at the rooms in this list and see if you can identify what they have in common:

Messy room

Correct: They’re all commonly shared areas by every member of your family.

Whether it’s your spouse, kids, or guests, these rooms are always busy with people coming and going; taking away or putting away things.

Organizing these rooms is going to take cooperation and compromise.

After all, you’ll need to devise a system where everyone knows where stuff (such as, say, a television remote or countertop kitchen appliance) should go.

And when something new comes into the house (for example, a book or magazine), you should have a plan to decide where it goes and who’s responsible for it.

Messy desk

Third room to organize: Bedroom. Bedroom closet. Home office.

Right off the bat, you’re right: These two rooms do have something in common.

If the rooms mentioned earlier in this blog are common or shared areas, then these rooms are personal spaces.

And while your walk-in closet may not seem like a large room, chances are you’ll spend more time organizing these rooms than any other.

Here’s why:

  • The items in your bedroom or home office storage are those you use on a regular basis
  • Usually there are multiple components (pair of socks, multiple papers in a document) to the things in these rooms
  • These are things you’ll need to locate quickly (such as when you’re rushing to work or preparing for an important business call)

Something else to consider: When organizing the kitchen, you can organize multiple items at once (such as utensils or storage accessories).

In the bedroom or closet, you’ll need to make a decision on each item, one at a time; whether it’s a shirt, wallet, belt, or jewelry.

Ready to get organized? Let Closets Plus help.

Right off the bat, if 2018 is your year to get organized, the team at Closets Plus wants to help you keep that resolution.

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It’s the perfect way to get your home organization resolution off the ground.

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We hope your new years resolution is to decide what rooms to organize first in 2018.

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