Modern Walk-In Closets

Luxurious Custom Walk-In Closet Organizers For Your Master Bedroom (And Other Rooms Too)

A custom, modern walk-in closet organizer isn’t just a place for your garments to call home, it’s a space-saver and time-saver all in one.

There’s just something about a luxurious master bedroom walk-in closet design that’s organized and functional that makes it easy to start the day:

  • A convenient reach-in closet that lets you look at all your clothes and garments at a glance
  • Everything is kept neat, tidy and organized (thus prolonging the lifespan of your clothes)
  • Avoid pulling out crumpled clothes from cramped dressers or closets as you wonder what you’re going to wear
  • No need to throw clothes all over the place (and clean them up later) as you look for the perfect outfit

Room for your items…and your spouse’s too

Storing two wardrobes in a single  reach-in closet space has always been a challenge. What usually happens is one person gets the closet while the other gets an old dresser or tiny closet in another room – like the home office.

Closets Plus can help put an end to closet chaos by designing and building a custom walk-in closet organizer in the master bedroom that can handle both his and hers:

Custom floor-to-ceiling reach-in closet designs to ensure no space is wasted

Dedicated shoe racks and pull-out drawers for items like ties and socks

Storage space to keep out-of-season clothes out of sight and out of the way

From toddler to teen

Durable, friendly and versatile, custom and modern walk-in closet designs from Closets Plus can grow along with your children with:

  • Adjustable shelf heights
  • Cubbies to store favorite clothes or toys
  • Easy-to-reach coat hooks

Any room can  have a reach-in closet

While you’re updating your walk-in closet, why not bring more custom storage solutions to your home:

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Colour choices

Our products are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Door styles

We offer a wide array of door and drawer styles to choose from – contemporary to traditional styles, whatever your style.

Bring your dream of a custom walk-in closet to life

Just imagine a roomy, walk-in closet that has enough space for all your belongings.

Shirts. Pants. Dresses. Jewelry. Shoes. Accessories. A closet with everything you need and that’s easily accessible too.

There’s nothing quite like the luxury and convenience of a walk-in closet. To experience it for yourself, start by scheduling a FREE in-home consultation today.

It's Time to Organize

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