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Top Closet Organization Trends for 2017

Let’s talk about the top closet organization trends for 2017!

Right off the bat, everybody here at Closets Plus wishes you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2017.

And if you’re planning to build the walk-in closet of your dreams (or add some new storage solutions to your home) this year, you’ll want to incorporate these hot new design trends.

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Colour wheelRediscover the colour wheel

In 2017, closets don’t have to be black, white or brown.

Monochromatic colour schemes are being replaced with mix and match colours, styles and finishes.

It’s all about adding some personality.

This year’s hot colours include:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green

Homeowners all over Toronto, Oakville and the GTA as a whole are creating rainbows using drawer faces, doors, shelves, edge panels and more.

And these colourful changes aren’t limited to the master bedroom. Home office storage, entertainment areas and other rooms are getting into the act too.

As a result, the total look and feel of a room can become completely transformed.

LED lights in closetEnvironmentally friendly lighting

Going through your closet and looking for that perfect outfit shouldn’t be done in the dark.

That’s why one of 2017’s biggest organization trends is to include LED lighting accessories wherever possible.

Open a jewelry drawer? Have a soft LED light instantly brighten it up.

Step into your walk-in closet?  A motion activated light makes it easy for you to find what you need.

Want to see everything in your garage storage system? Grab a wireless remote, turn on the lights and see what’s inside.

For the past few years, eco-friendly, LED lighting has slowly grown as a home or commercial organization trend.

And it’s really expected to take off in 2017.

Remove clutter once and for all

Clutter is never in style.

But in 2017, clutter is out – for good.

But that doesn’t mean throwing out everything you aren’t immediately using.

Instead, it’s all about taking inventory and keeping what’s worth keeping.

And if it’s worth keeping, it’s worth having a dedicated space to its own, such as:

  • Under the bed storage
  • Dedicated cabinets in areas like the garage or laundry room
  • Stackable storage boxes

Otherwise, the things worth saving end up mixed alongside junk or clutter that you want to get rid of.

Shortly thereafter, your home will be full of frustrating clutter.

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Brass accessories

Most jewelry tends to be made of gold.

And in 2017, a key home organization design trend is to have closets designs which match.

Now, gold handles, hardware and accessories aren’t really feasible.

The next best option? Brass.

Whether its handles on drawers, knobs on doors or even border trim, brass accessories are the perfect complement to gold personal accessories such as:

  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Watches
  • Bracelets

Together, they create a streamlined, glittering look that should never really go out of style.

His and hers closetHis and hers

Your wardrobe needs are different than your spouse’s.

So why should your closet be designed and laid out the same?


In 2017, master bedroom walk-in closets will be focused on two important elements:

  • Having his things exactly where he likes them
  • Having her things exactly where she likes them

So if she likes a two-tiered closet with shirts on top and pants/skirts on the bottom, she can have that.

Conversely, if he wants a closet storage solution that’s three-tiered (jackets on the top, shirts and the middle and pants on the bottom), he can have that.

The goal isn’t to shoehorn your needs into a pre-existing design that just won’t work.

Rather, the goal is to create a closet space that’s as unique as the people who use it each and every day.

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