Murphy Beds for Oakville & Wall Beds

Murphy Bed Units in Oakville & Wall Beds

Murphy beds can transform just about any spare space in the house into an instantly comfortable bedroom for all your overnight guests.

A smart way to maximize room in small homes or apartments in Oakville, Murphy bed solutions or desk beds can be a functional storage solution during the day and cozy bed at night with:

Your choice of a traditional fold-down mattress or a roll-out bed

A stylish wall face that integrates perfectly with whichever room you decide to install it in

Balancing mechanisms that keep bedding and items in place as you open or close the wall bed

Any room becomes two rooms in one

Because of their flexibility and versatility, Murphy beds can be a seamless and stylish addition to every room in the house.

So instead of building expensive additions to your Oakville home – or rearranging items to squeeze in an uncomfortable cot – you’ll have all the space you need for your sleepover guests.

At Closets Plus, we’ll work with any room in your house to turn it into a bedroom and back in just a jiffy:

Place a desk bed in your home office that lets you work during the day and rest at night

Keep your entertainment storage items in perfect place as you pull out a hidden Murphy bed

A full bookshelf can become a warm and inviting bed without dropping a single title

Make any room feel bigger

In the past, Murphy bed units were often hidden behind thin doors which took up valuable room space.

Just as their name implies, wall beds can be constructed to fit perfectly into the structure of any room.

This means no more ultra-intrusive renovating or large foldaway bed furniture items taking up space. Instead, you get:

  • The ability to maximize the functionality of a room that may only be used for sleeping
  • Murphy beds available in singles and doubles
  • Instant furniture which can easily be accessed by grandparents and children alike

More custom storage solutions

At Closets Plus, there isn’t any area we can’t transform with a custom home organization system:

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There’s nothing quite like a Murphy Bed

Oakville homeowners love Murphy Beds because they’re unique, cool and space-saving; a perfect combination of comfort and convenience.

When folded away, Murphy Beds are totally out-of-sight and out-of-mind. And when they’re deployed, the instantly transform any space into a warm and inviting bedroom.

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