Entryways & Mudrooms

Customized Entryways & Mud Rooms

Going out through the front door or coming in from the back or side door shouldn’t be an exercise in stepping over piles of shoes, boots, coats and bags.

Closets Plus can help customize functional, family-friendly storage for entryways and mud rooms that prevent a pileup at one of the busiest places in your home:

Floor-to-ceiling closet storage keeps shoes on the ground and jackets and coats off of it

Boot benches gives you a comfortable spot to sit down and put on/pull off tight footwear

Easy access baskets for smaller items like hats, gloves, mittens and sunglasses

Mudrooms – out the door in a flash

For many families, a mud room located at the back of the house is the main entry and exit point.

That also means either dropping stuff on the floor or lugging it (and tracking mud) everywhere.

Closets Plus can fix mud room storage issues with custom storage solutions designed for your family’s specific needs – and the items that go along with them:

Specialized storage lockers for sporting goods like balls, sticks, backpacks and jump ropes

Enough hooks to ensure all coats stay off the ground and have their own hanging space

Open shelves for boots and shoes of all shapes and sizes

Entryways – coming home to a warm welcome

You shouldn’t come home from work, school or running errands to an uninviting space stuffed with items; and no room for any more.

At Closets Plus, your entryway should feel inviting and luxurious. It should also be neatly organized so that you instantly know where everything goes – ensuring it’s always kept clean and safe:

  • Reach-in coat closets lets you put everything at your fingertips
  • Customized cubbies comfortably fits large items you take with you often
  • Handy hooks gives you an instant spot to hang your groceries, keys or purse

More custom storage solutions

More than just mud rooms Closets Plus, can bring convenience and functionality to any area in your home:

-Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Closet Organized
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Have a mud room that’s neatly organized

A clean and tidy mud room sounds like a contradiction. In reality, it’s a must-have for any active home.

Boots. Jackets, Gloves. Hats. Outdoor sporting goods. A mud room gives them a safe, out-of-the-way storage area that’s still conveniently accessible.

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