Entertainment Storage

DVD players. Video game consoles. PVR boxes. Dozens of remotes and miles of cables to connect them all.

If your entertainment storage solution is more frustrating than functional, it’s time to get organized with Closets Plus:

Cubbies that fit all of your playing devices comfortably (no more shoving them in)

Storage accessories like trays for remotes you use often, and drawers for the ones you want to keep hidden

Customized design around the centrepiece of your entertainment area; the big screen TV

The centre of the action

Your entertainment area needs to be ready to go when you are.

The last thing you want to do is to miss the start of the game because of a missing remote. Or the beginning of a movie because a too-short cable pops out.

At Closets Plus, we think your entertainment storage solution can be just as exciting as the event you’re watching with:

  • Stylish cabinets which can hold all your movies, CDs or other media items
  • Cord covers which keep cables nice and organized
  • Customized LED lighting which can help adjust the mood of the room

Fun and functional

A big part of entertaining is providing refreshments as the night goes on. Your Closets Plus entertainment storage solution can double as a bar with:

  • On-tap drink dispensers
  • Built-in mini fridges and wine bottle storage units
  • Convenient glassware storage areas

More custom storage solutions

After we transform your entertainment storage, why not have Closets Plus build a custom organization system for:

-Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Closet Organized
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Home organization can be entertaining – really

Video games. Movies. Surround sound stereo systems. They’re all great entertainment options.

And with a custom entertainment storage system, you’ll never have to worry about looking at unsightly cables or misplacing all your remotes again.

To see just how functional and enjoyable your entertainment area can be, schedule a FREE in-home consultation today.

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