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Master Bedroom Organization Tips

Let’s learn some master bedroom organization tips.

Your day starts in the master bedroom.

And it usually ends there too.

So starting and/or ending your day in disorganized chaos is never a pleasant feeling.

At Closets Plus, many of our customers tell us that the master bedroom is the one room in the house that never gets the organizational attention it deserves.

Because we’ve heard this over and over again, we thought it would be helpful to provide some master bedroom organization tips which you can easily implement and keep using.

Clothing donationsPurge like you’ve never purged before

A common myth is that people only wear 20% of all the clothes they own.

So why are we struggling to store that remaining 80% in closets and dressers?

A common rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn something in over a year, then you probably won’t. Here’s why it makes sense:

  • One year covers every season and occasion; plenty of time to pull out any outfit you have
  • If it needs to be mended and hasn’t been in a year, then it’s not really a priority
  • You only have the space you do; trying to jam something into your dresser isn’t worth it

Now if you have sentimental clothes, keep them. But not in your walk-in closet. Get a special bin and label it accordingly.

For everything else that never gets worn, get rid of it or donate it.

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Keep flat surfaces clear

It’s convenient to dump spare change, keys and other pocket items atop dressers and night tables.

But if we do that over and over again, we’ll run out of room.

Use baskets or bowls to neatly hide frequently used items (like your cellphone) until you need it.

Made bedAlways make the bed

Just like mom said, you should always make the bed before heading out for the day.

Now, before you whine about it, there are plenty of good reasons why this makes sense:

  • A neatly made bed brings instant organization and harmony to your bedroom
  • You aren’t likely to want to dump laundry or other things on it either
  • Your sheets and comforters will last longer if they’re not crumpled in a ball all day

Lastly (and most importantly), it’s always lovely to climb into a fresh, nicely made bed at the end of a long, tiring day.

Drawer OrganizerUse night table drawer organizers

It’s never fun to dig through papers, pens, nail clippers and who knows what else in order to get to your TV remote.

Organizers will keep everything in its place and prevent your night table from becoming a junk drawer.

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