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Hosting the Holiday Party This Year? 6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Space

Holiday party

This year, you’re hosting the holiday party.

Now, you can’t make your home bigger, but you can create more space for your guests to move about, be comfortable and enjoy themselves.

All it takes is a willingness to temporarily store some items in out-of-the-way places (like your master bedroom walk-in closet) and some imagination when it comes to thinking about organizing your entertainment space.

It also involves following some handy holiday organizing tips, courtesy of Closets Plus.

1. Move out unnecessary furniture (for the time being)

 Couches and chairs are going to stay in place for your holiday party.

But other decor accessories which aren’t essential can be moved aside for the big bash:

  • End tables/side tables
  • Footstools
  • Small throw pillows
  • Books, magazines or other paper-based items

You can easily place these items into your garage or home office for the night.

And you won’t believe how much extra room you’ll have for your party.

2. Not enough chair space? Use big comfy pillows instead

You may not have enough space in order to ask your friends to bring extra chairs.

For your guests who are comfortable sitting on the floor, make sure it’s comfortable for them by offering a pile of pillows to choose from.

Oh, and if you have deep window ledges, you can turn them into a great spot where people can sit, chat and watch the proceedings without being part of the main flow of activity.

3. Encourage conversation by creating conversation areas

The best part of any party is the conversations taking place and the stories being told.

You may be tempted to simply move all your furniture to the walls in order to create more room.

But that only works if you’re making a dance floor.

Try the opposite approach by placing just a few pieces of furniture or a small number of chairs in small clusters throughout the home.

That way, all your big furniture won’t be concentrated in one room and people will have a place to sit and chat no matter where they go.

  • TIP: Folding chairs are a great storage solution for seating. When not in use, just fold it against a wall. When space is short, bring it out for instant seating.

Christmas dinner table
4. Place the dining room table on an angle….

If you’re having a big sit down dinner with your party, you know the struggles of making sure everyone has enough room to sit and eat.

And chances are, your dining room isn’t made to accommodate your table if you add a leaf or two to it.

By simply turning your table to an angle, you can actually create an extra 5 feet for your guests to enjoy their meal.

5. ….Or place it in a doorway

A table in a doorway?

Why not?

It may seem strange at first to have a dining room table straddle two rooms through a doorway, but it’s a super simple way to make sure everyone can fit comfortably.

If nothing else, it’ll definitely be a conversation starter amongst your guests.

fireplace mantle

6. Give yourself more surface space

Your guests will need a place to put their drinks and napkins.

You’ve got the obvious options like tables, shelves and counters.

But by protecting its style and finish, you can transform other surfaces into functional places for people to put stuff without having to worry about losing things or having things get knocked over:

  • Speaker boxes
  • Ottomans
  • Top of your TV (if it allows for it)
  • Fireplace mantle

Just make sure you have coasters or cloths handy to keep your surfaces looking their best once the party comes to an end.

Get organized for the party…and beyond

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