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Home organization – Facts versus opinions

There’s a lot of misconceptions about what goes into good home organization, and how and why you need to consider it. Lets expand on Home organization – Facts versus opinions.  We’ve helped many people solve their space and storage situations, so we’ve heard a few of the myths here and there.

Here’s the top three myths we hear, that aren’t based on facts.

“I’ve run out of space!” Usually, you haven’t. If you use the space you have efficiently, you can be far more organized and create more working space in your closet or pantry. What it takes is understanding how to maximize space – if you need a professional to help – we’ve got you covered. Or, if you want to tackle it yourself, there are some great videos on YouTube, like this one from Melissa at Clean My Space:

2. “I have too many clothes!” With proper organization, you’d be surprised how things can be organized to fit better, and be found easier. Organizing clothes shows older items in a new light, increasing variety with more outfit combinations. It only makes sense – when you can see neatly organized options instead of a “clothes hurricane”, it’s easier to mix and match!

3. “I’d love to get organized, but we’ve been in this house for ten years and it’s just too far gone.” This is usually a warning sign that the person has given up on getting organized. Or, they think they’ll get organized after their NEXT move.

In either case, it’s missing the point that it’s never too late to get organized.

This could be precisely the time to call a professional organizer. If you have decided you do want to make the change from cluttered to carefree, consider contacting Closets Plus.

Our free design consultation comes with no costs and no obligation. If we’re the right fit, we’ve got the professional organizers to take care of you.  Consider Closets Plus for home organization – facts versus opinions.

And, if needed, we have fair and flexible payment options, thanks to SNAP Financial.

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