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Holiday Entertaining? How to Keep Your Home Organized

Holiday Dinner

This year, you’ll be doing all the holiday hosting and entertaining.

On one hand, you’re excited and looking forward to having everyone over and cooking lots of terrific meals with all your pantry ingredients.

On the other hand, you’re worried your home will turn into a war zone of kids, crumbs, shoes, jackets stuffed in the home office, etc.

However, with some early planning, you’ll be able to create more usable space and keep your house somewhat organized.

Things you should put away before company comes

Right off the bat, the space in your home is going to shrink as you put out things like:

  • Christmas tree (and the presents underneath it)
  • Stockings
  • Decorative items (dishes, bowls, figurines, etc.)
  • Christmas village displays

Instead of trying to cram these items with your normal décor, you should place them inside some sturdy boxes and store them in your garage until the holidays are over, such as:

  • Vases and bowls
  • Special fridge magnets
  • Tabletop pictures
  • Unused/unnecessary end tables or floor shelves
  • Extra coats or jackets in your walk-in closet you know you won’t be wearing

Basically, anything that’s fragile or will just be in the way should be out-of-sight.

Board games

Things you should leave out (for the kids)

If you’ll be hosting kids during the Christmas holidays, you’ll want to leave out some entertainment items for them which are readily accessible:

  • Toys
  • Video games
  • Board games
  • Crafts
  • Movies

Plus, it might be a good idea to have snacks and paper plates/cups in an easy-to-reach area.

That way, you won’t have to worry about having your pantry rummaged through or accidental drops and breaks of your good Christmas dishes.


Improve traffic flow through your house

Usually what happens during the holidays is that everyone (and everything) hangs out in the same room.

And while that’s great for socializing, it can make getting around a bit challenging.

Open up the traffic flow in your home by setting out hors d’oeuvres and chairs in rooms where you want people to congregate:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Living room
  • Rec room

That way, instead of having, say, 20 people trying to cram in one room, you’ll have 20 people spread across 4 or 5 rooms.

Create extra space

Extra room is always at a premium, especially as you’re hosting for the holidays.

Having said that, there are some clever and simple techniques you can use to open up extra space in your home:

  • Dining room table through a doorway: This is a favourite Closets Plus After you’ve inserted your table extender, move the table into a doorway. Your guests (especially those at the end) won’t feel jammed up against each other.


  • Use big comfy pillows as chairs: Christmas morning is all about sitting on the floor and seeing what Santa brought. Create that sentiment while hosting by placing inviting pillows on the floor. They’ll be too comfortable to resist.


  • Hang a mirror: While a mirror doesn’t actually create more space, it creates the illusion of extra room. The reflection of light will make any area feel larger than it actually is. If you don’t want to hang a mirror permanently, you can always use temporary hooks.

Keeping your home clean

It’s nearly impossible to keep crumbs and other debris from piling up in your home during a holiday get together.

But there are some things you can to do minimize the after-party clean-up:

  • Place small trash bins or recycling containers in each room
  • Use coasters
  • Fill a container with soapy water (after dinner, guests can put their dishes in it for soaking)

You might also want to have a portable cleaning bucket handy (filled with sponges, paper towels, wipes, sprays, etc.) that you can bring from room to room once your guests are gone.

Let Closets Plus help you organize your party

Before you know it, the holidays will be here.

Organizing your home for it ensures it’ll be smooth and comfortable for your guests (and you too).

And Closets Plus can help transform your space just in time for it.

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