Laminate Colours

Chocolate Allegra
Antique Allegra
White Allegra
Coco Allegra



Warm Cognac Milan Edit
Mahogany Milan Edit
Licorice Milan Edit
Concrete Milan Edit
Coco Milan Edit
Chocolate Pear Milan Edit
Candlelight Milan Edit
Arctic Milan Edit
Antique White Milan
White Milan Edit



Warm Cognac Shaker
Secret Shaker
Mahogany Shaker
Licorice Shaker
Concrete Shaker
Coco Shaker
Chocolate Pear Shaker
Candlelight Shaker
Arctic Shaker
Antique White Shaker
White Shaker


Raised Panel

Warm Cognac Raised Panel
Secret Raised Panel
Mahogany Raised Panel
Licorice Raised Panel
Concrete Raised Panel
Coco Raised Panel
Chocolate Pear Raised Panel
Candleight Raised Panel
Arctic Raised Panel
Antique White Raised Panel
White Raised Panel


Candlelight Pillowtop
Arctic Pillowtop
Antique White Pillowtop
White Pillowtop
Warm Cognac Pillowtop
Secret Pillowtop
Mahogany Pillowtop
Licorice Pillowtop
Concrete Pillowtop
Coco Pillowtop
Chocolate Pear Pillowtop


Concrete Modern
Coco Modern
Warm Cognac Modern
Secret Modern
Mahogany Modern
White Modern
Chocolate Pear Modern
Candlelight Modern
Arctic Modern
Antique White Modern
Licorice Modern

Flat Panel

Warm Cognac Flat Panel
Secret Flat Panel
Mahogany Flat Panel
Licorice Flat Panel
Concrete Flat Panel
Coco Flat Panel
Chocolate Pear Flat Panel
Candlelight Flat Panel
Arctic Flat Panel
Antique White Flat Panel
White Flat Panel


Warm Cognac Premier
Secret Premier
Candlelight Premier
Antique White Premier

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