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How does financing from Closets Plus work?

It’s July and your two competing priorities are:

  • Going on summer vacation, or…
  • …Getting your home organized with a custom storage solution

It’s one or the other, right?

Actually, no.

You can have both without putting a strain on your bank account with financing options from Closets Plus and our smart lending partner, SNAP Financial.


SNAP Financial

SNAP Financial. Smart lending. Smart thinking.

How it works

It’s all done online through the safe, secure and confidential SNAP Financial website.

Just visit their application page and fill in the easy-to-use form fields; just like you would with a request for any other type of loan.

As soon as you hit the “continue” button on that application page, that’s it. You’re done.

By using SNAP Financial to help with your walk-in closet project, you’ll avoid:

  • Filling out countless sheets of paper
  • Answering intrusive or inappropriate questions about your home, life or finances
  • Spending hours sitting through bank appointments
  • Wondering if your loan application was received

After all, you’ve got things to do.

And because you know your home organization needs better than anyone, you should have total control over how you apply to finance it.

That’s what you’ll get when you choose SNAP Financial.


Payment options in your comfort zone

Payment options in your comfort zone

About SNAP Financial

Closets Plus is proud to team with up SNAP Financial.

And together, we’ll help with any home storage project.

No matter how big, small or extensive it is, you’ll get the financing you need for:

That’s because SNAP Financial specializes in loans for home improvement projects.

Here’s their mission statement, taken directly from their homeowner website:

SNAP helps homeowners make purchases based on need, not budget. That’s how we help you afford the best, most efficient solutions.

In addition to understanding your needs, the Closets Plus/SNAP Financial partnership offers more benefits for you to take advantage of:

  • Up to 100% financing for your projects and storage accessories
  • No payment for the first three months of your loan
  • No up-front, down payment required to receive your money
  • Extended payback periods to give you the flexibility you need

It’s all about giving your home a helping hand when needed.

Why this is important

A well-organized home is a great place to live, spend time and raise a family.

But if your home storage system could use an upgrade, money or cash flow shouldn’t be a hindrance.

That’s why Closets Plus and SNAP Financial is a perfect match:

  • At Closets Plus, we believe in the value of custom storage designs to fit your home
  • At SNAP Financial, they believe in giving homeowner like you fair and helpful loans

Together, you’ll get the walk-in closet, craft room or kitchen pantry you’ve always wanted with a low monthly payment plan that works for you.

Get started now with Closets Plus and SNAP Financial

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