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5 Common Organizing Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Spring cleaning season is in full effect here at Closets Plus. No doubt, you want to get your home organized, top-to-bottom.  Let’s explore 5 common organizing mistakes you shouldn’t make.

As you go from closet-to-closet and room-to-room, make certain you avoid these frequently made organization mistakes.

Otherwise, you’ll end up doing more work than necessary, or not get any further ahead at all.

Home organization list

1. Decide everything is worth keeping

When organizing your garage, kitchen pantry, master bedroom, etc., it can hard to part with certain things like:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Personal mementoes
  • Cards and letters
  • Games

However, in order to effectively bring order to your home this spring, you have to be ruthless.

Creating (and sticking to) the following categories can help eliminate those hoarding tendencies (which many homeowners in Oakville and surrounding areas have):

  • Things to keep: Only the most obvious and cherished items fall into this category.
  • Things to sell/donate: Items you no longer need, but are in good enough condition that others may use/enjoy them.
  • Things to dump: You don’t want it, and nobody else would either. In this case, why have it clutter up your home.

Setting up boxes with these labels will make your spring organizing tasks easy, fast, and efficient.

2. Trying to do it all in one shot

Are you waiting until you have a free weekend to organize your home this spring?

Don’t. Here’s why:

  • Life gets so busy that a free weekend can turn into a full weekend in an instant
  • You’ll burn yourself out if you do

Rather than think of your house and office as one big thing to be cleaned and tidied, breaking it down into little chunks – spread over a set period of time – will make it a lot less stressful.

One day, you can work on family areas (kitchen, living room). Another day can focus on other places like the entertainment room or mud room. A few days after that, you can head upstairs to the bedrooms.

Before you know it, those small areas will add up into one fully organized home.

3. Not labeling things when you’re done

You’ve spent days neatly planning and organizing every room in your home.

Unfortunately, you can undo it in a matter of seconds if you start pulling random things out of boxes in haste.

The solution? Labels.

Assign labels to every box and container you fill, and pay special attention to things which get used often, such as:

That way, when you’re looking for something, you won’t need to crack open every container to find it.

Lastly, when putting items away, make sure you place them inside the correct storage solution box.

4. Forgetting about home maintenance

A big part of being organized is ensuring the house itself functions as it should.

For example:

  • Testing and changing the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Changing your furnace filter
  • Sealing drafty windows
  • Tightening any loose walk-in closet doors
  • Replacing burnt out/broken light bulbs

It’s a lot easier to keep your belongings orderly when your home is working in the same way.

5. Putting the wrong things in the wrong places

Square peg round hole

Let’s use the front hall as a classic “square peg in a round hole” example.

Here’s what should be stored there:

  • Shoes/boots
  • Backpacks
  • Coats
  • Keys

Here’s what shouldn’t be stored there:

  • Mail (are you going to look at – and pay bills – standing in your front hallway?)
  • Sporting equipment (that should go in the garage)
  • Smartphone chargers (there are plenty of more accessible/convenient outlets to use)

It’s like the old saying goes: A place for everything and everything in its place.

Let us help you get organized for spring – and beyond

As you tidy your house this spring, you may find some of your current storage solutions just don’t cut it anymore.

If that’s the case, we’d like to help.

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We’ll come to you; bring along products, styles and finishes for you to look at, and discuss your needs in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  We would love to help you avoid 5 common organizing mistakes you shouldn’t make

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